Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bragging about my Target Trip


I just got back from Target. I got all this for $1.27 including tax! Whoop Whoop!

You can tell I was excited because I arranged my groceries so nicely. I even wiped off the table for this picture.

The Special K deal, you have already read about here, The Dry Idea deodorant $2 off coupons have been reset here, and the deodorant is still on sale until Monday I think, for $2. Then, lo and behold I walked by the Glade candles and not only was the deal still going on ( I thought it was over), but they had some in stock. (The Target on 48th an O still has some candles. However, they are out of Dry Idea deodorant thanks to me. They had plenty of cereal.)

So, after coupons the total charge was 11.27, but then I got 2 five dollar gift cards back. $1.27!


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