Saturday, May 2, 2009

Always Check Your Receipts...

One thing I learned long ago while trying to save a few bucks, is that store cashiers are not too careful when they ring in your groceries and that posted prices don't always ring up correctly at the registers. I'm also learning that coupons don't always ring up correctly either. So, I have learned to scrutinize my receipts before I leave the store because I am always mad when I come home and paid more than I owed.

Just last night I went to do my grocery shopping late (without any children) and went to 3 different stores. At SuperSaver the checker tried to charge me $3.98 for a 3 lb bag of oranges that was on sale for 1.86 a bag. When I brought the mistake to his attention, he deleted the charge and gave them to me for free (He said it was store policy?). There was one other item on my receipt that rang up for .96 cents instead of .65 cents (I let that one go since he gave the oranges to me for free.) I then went to Hyvee and didn't have any problems there. Next I went to Russ' where I used the coupon for the free hot dogs with a $10 purchase. The hot dogs rang up at $2.49 but the coupon only took off 1.99. I noticed this when I went to my car, so I went back in and he gave me the .60 cents I was owed.

Now, you may say, who cares about .60 cents? Well, when .60 or .80 or $2 extra gets charged to your bill every 3rd or 4th time you shop, it begins to add up. I have had it happen at all three grocery stores, Wal-mart, and Target.

So, just remember, to Always Check Your Receipts before you leave the store!

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