Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pampers and Luvs jumbo packs for < $4

I ended up spending $3.72 each for 7 Jumbo packs (6 Pampers and 1 Luvs)

Variations of the deal can be found here and here.

I adjusted things because I didn't mind mixing Pampers and Luvs, which makes the cheapest deal. If you want all Luvs or all Pampers then you can easily adjust your sale and the price only goes up to a max of $4.54 per Jumbo pack.

Oh, you have to have never ordered from Diapers.com for this to work.

So, here are the steps:

1. Go to Diapers.com

(If you belong to ShopatHome or Ebates or Upromise go to Diapers.com through one of them. If not, you should join them all but don't worry it doesn't change the deal.)

2. Find the Pampers Baby Dry XL Case. Click the $1.50 ecoupon box. Add the Pampers to your shopping cart. I got size 1 diapers.

3. Add a Luvs jumbo pack to you shopping cart. I got the newborn ones because...I am having a newborn. It turns out they are on sale as well. The sizes you choose will change your total a bit.

4. Now your total is over $49 which is important because this is how you qualify for free shipping.

5. Type in the code: 100C7696 This will take $10 off your order.

6. Buy your diapers. If you ordered the same sizes I did your total out of pocket would be $40.98 for the equivalent of 7.25 Jumbo packs. That's about $5.25 per pack This is a pretty good deal by itself...but there's a rebate!

7. Print this form here that offers you either a free magazine subscription or a $14.97 rebate. You can also print the rebate when you are checking out if you'd rather. It's at the bottom of the screen. Anyway, fill it out, mail it in, and get sweet $14.97 back.

8. Your total: 26.01 for 7 Jumbo packs of Diapers (6 Pampers and 1 Luvs). That's $3.72 a pack. Whoop Whoop!

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