Thursday, June 25, 2009

Target & CVS deals

Lest you think CVS is the only place to get a good deal, this post will contain sweet CVS deals AND nearly-unbeatable Target deals. Are you ready?

To appease those who don't have a CVS near them, we'll start with Target:

I got all of this for $6.33. Reg. price w/o coupons, it would have cost $28.10!

8 Pace Specialty Salsa, reg. $2.89, sale price $2.09
-8 X $1.00 Manufacturer Coupon (from newspaper - came out the same week I needed multiples of other coupons)
-8 X $0.50 Target Coupon*
= $0.59/each (no tax on groceries in NE), a savings of 80%!

2 pkgs. Ziploc (any size) containers, reg. $2.49, not on sale
-$1.50/off 2 Manufacturer Coupon (from newspaper)
-2 X $1.00 Target Coupon
= $0.80/package w/tax, a savings of 68%!

And now, for the lucky people who have a CVS near them:
I got all of this for $2.91 OOP using sales, coupons, and EB from last week, reg. price $91.05 - a savings of 97%! - MY BEST YET! One transaction came out to exactly $0.00!

Here's how I did it:

Transaction 1:
10 SoyJoy Bars, reg. $1.29, sale $1.00
-2 X $1.00
off 5 bars Printable Manufacturer's Coupon
= $8.00, got $8.00 EB to use later (buy 4 bars for $4, get $4 EB, limit 5) w/2 bars toward next EB deal

4 SOBE Life Water, reg. $1.59, BOGO
-2 X BOGO Printable Manufacturer's Coupon

2 Thermacare Neck/Arm reg. 2.49, not on sale
-2 X $1.00 Manufacturer's Coupon from newspaper
=$2.98, got $4.98 EB (Buy Thermacare Neck/Arm @ $2.49, get $2.49 EB, limit 2)

-$10 EB from Aveeno Lotion deal last week

=$0.98, w/ 12.98 EB to use

Transaction 2:
3 Aveeno Positively Ageless Face Sunscreen SPF 70, reg. price $11.99, sale price $9.00 ea.
-$10.00/3 Aveeno Positively Ageless products
-$4.00 off $20 purchase (email coupon from CVS)
-4.98 EB from transaction 1 -$8.00 EB from transaction 1
= $0.72 w/ tax, a savings of 93%!, Got $10 EB (buy $20 of Aveeno suncare, get $10 EB) to use for another purchase

Transaction 3:
10 Soyjoy bars,
reg. $1.29, sale $1.00
-2 X $1.00 off 5 bars Printable Manufacturer's Coupon
= $8.00, got $12.00 EB (using 2 bars from earlier deal - CVS keeps a running total for the week of all EB purchases you make) to use later (buy 4 bars for $4, get $4 EB)

CVS baby wipe 72 ct., reg. $2.99, sale $2.00 (got these for camping, and to use the last $2.00 of the EB - each receipt of EB must be used in one purchase)

-$10 EB from Transaction 2

get this! = $0.00. Yup, exactly free!, with $12 EB to use on next purchase

Transaction 4:
2 Clear Care Contact Solution (need to stock up), reg. $9.49, sale $8.99
-2 X $3.00 Manufacturer's Coupon from newspaper (the reason I stocked up on the newspapers mentioned above)
-$12 EB from Transaction 3

1 CVS hand wipes $0.99 (got to absorb extra EB - also useful for camping)

=$1.46 w/tax, got $4 EB to use later

Normally I would avoid purchases that decrease my EB (I like to have $10 EB on hand for good deals), but I really needed this contact solution. Besides, we are getting very well stocked!

*One caveat - you can only use one of each type of Target coupon per transaction, so you will have to pay separately for each jar of salsa. I suggest using cash to make this go quickly, and be considerate of anyone waiting in line. Normally, if you approach it with kindness, the cashier is very kind about doing separate transactions. I was only able to use 2 Ziploc container Target coupons in one order because the cashier took pity on me since I needed to buy 2 in one order to use my Manufacturer's Coupon

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