Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sun Mart coupon problem

When I tried to use my $0.55 cents off an Our Family item tonight at Sun Mart, the cashier told me they no longer accept internet coupons. I used some a couple of months ago there. Has anyone else had a success or failure there recently? I was at the 48th & Van Dorn location.


  1. I heard a rumor that they weren't taking internet coupons so when I went yesterday I asked few cashiers about it. Apparently someone has been using false coupons so they are all paranoid now. They are slowly loosening up. They let me use a coupon from but only after some intense conversation between the bagger and the checker :). Apparently there are some they are allowed to accept and some they aren't and only the manager knows for sure which one those are. I would show your coupons to customer service right when you go into the store to make sure they will take them.

  2. Thanks! Next time I'm there I'll give it a try.