Friday, May 1, 2009

The Month of May I give you some free deodorant?

Okay. We have gotten so many sweet deals, it is time to start using our powers for good.

What I mean is, we need to start donating some stuff to local shelters and charities in our area.

So I am challenging all the readers of this blog to a contest this month (Did you see my clever title? THE MONTH OF MAY I GIVE YOU SOME FREE DEODORANT? So funny.)

Here is the contest. Take $5 out of your monthly budget for May. Then, spend it on goods for a yet-to-be-chosen charity in the Lincoln/Lancaster Area (If you don't live around here, that's ok, just pick one in your own area.) Whoever is able to compile the most items, (or the COOLEST items) will get an awesome picture drawn by me in Microsoft Paint and posted on this very blog. That is an awesome prize. Just so you are aware of how great an artist I am, here is an example of something I have drawn before in Microsoft Paint.

Yeah, I know it's awesome.

Please post your awesome deals as a comment to this posting. I will also be putting a link on the right hand side so you can easily access this post. If you want to donate more than $5 to charity, I guess that's ok.

Also, it doesn't have to be deodorant. I just used that in the title because I have eight sticks of free deodorant sitting under my bathroom sink right now. How does that even happen?

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