Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hooray for Hyvee Coupons!

I got Hyvee's coupon booklet in the mail yesterday. I've only ever picked them up in the store, so this was a nice surprise. Also, I thought the coupons were a lot better than usual.

There is a Redbox code.(The code is 4Hyvee5 but it doesn't work until tomorrow according to the coupon--I will post it again tomorrow.)

Other sweet deals include:

$1 off Dannon Light and Fit or Activia yogurt drinks
Combine this with a manufacturer's coupon from the paper to get another $1 off
$2 off yogurt drinks!

$1 off 2 Pop Tarts
Go here to print 2 manufacturer coupons for 55 cents off chocolate Banana split Pop Tarts
$2.10 off 2 packages of Pop Tarts!
(uhh, but you do have to be willing to eat Banana Split Pop Tarts...)

50 cents of Soft Scrub Cleansers
Print this coupon here for $1 off Soft Scrub Scrubby pads
1.50 off 12 Scrubby Pads

Remember, you can use one store coupon AND one manufacturer coupon for the same item.

There is also a coupon that was made for me: Buy 3 Tombstone Pizzas for $10 get one packet of Oreos free. I love Oreos and frozen pizza so much. This isn't that great a deal. Tombstone pizzas regularly go on sale for 2.50 a piece and Oreos are now under $3 dollars at Hyvee (I forget how much they are exactly.) But STILL, combining those products to create the illusion thatI am getting the pizza cheap and the Oreos for free seems to be directly targeted at me. I will probably use it :)

Anyway, check out your Hyvee coupons for other savings.

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