Friday, August 21, 2009

Couponing Group Rises Again!

Hi guys.

It's Fall and the smell of apples, the bright colors of changing leaves, and crisp clip of scissors cutting coupons is on my mind. A lot of people have approached me about a fall coupon group.Some people want to learn and some people want to swap and show and tell.

So, I want to resurrect the coupon group. Here is my plan:

1/2 hour before the group starts there will be a couponing class. This is strictly for people who want to get started.

Then the group starts and will consist of the following:

-one 5-8 minute presentation of some frugal/ money saving skill (for example I was thinking of someone explaining how to make their own cleaning solutions, or laundry soap)

-coupon trading

-show and tell (everyone can show off and share their awesome deals if they want.)

The End.

I figure the added structure might be good so that everyone at different levels of couponing would benefit. And, if you don't want to hear another lecture about how to cut coupons you can just show up after the couponing class.

I was thinking that it might be beneficial to have the group either on Mondays (right after coupons come out) or on Thursdays (Right after we have new grocery store ads).

I know some of you have classes (Christina) and if you want to come I don't want to schedule a time when you are in school. Let me know if you have preferences on times.


  1. Sounds like a great plan. I think I can make myself available pretty much anytime. So far anyway.

  2. Umm...that's Becky F. not Nathan. ;)

  3. I am sad to say I'm going to be out of the couponing circuit for awhile for two reasons: 1) I worked to stock up over the last few months so I wouldn't need to watch deals while attempting to write a thesis so I have A LOT of supplies and 2) school just started (refer to reason 1). So, don't worry about scheduling this around me. I'll check with one of you when I am able to join the couponing world again in full force!