Wednesday, August 5, 2009

20 cent Ziploc containers

****This is a lot of rambling, but I was so excited to catch this deal!!!! ******
Actual 'deal' is bolded for those who want to skip my rambling:)

I have learned to clip every coupon that I would possibly use if I found a good enough deal. This leaves me clipping WAY more coupons then I would ever use, but I have it 'just in case'. So anyway, I normally purchase dollar store containers because they are usually cheaper, but this week I clipped the ziploc coupons out of the sunday paper and got a steal of a deal!! Here is the Deal:

ONLY AT O-STREET HYVEE (that I know of)
x-small to medium containers are on sale for $.88 ----I was told this is an instore sale, so it is not in the ads. Anyway, $.88 is a great deal so I picked up 3 of them. As I was shopping, I realized that I could make this deal better. Sunday's paper had 2 ziplock coupons in it. One for $1.50 off 2 and one for $.55 off one. So I used both of those and got
3 packs of ziplock containers for $.59


  1. awesome! I get excited about deals and ramble too. The worst is when I try sharing with my DH. Unless it is something he especially likes he just gives me a blank stare while I ramble then fakes a tiny bit of excitement when I finish(or maybe he is excited I finished boring him!).

  2. I posted a bit about this right below. There is another coupon available online. I got 11 packages for $3.81 with tax. I now have 43 containers for freezer jam! All I need is freezer space.