Saturday, June 13, 2009

CVS is my new best friend

I love shopping at CVS, and I especially love the ease of their EB program. I went there yesterday, and got:

8 Dove Deodorants,
1 Gillette Fusion Razor, and
1 Clearasil face wash.

My total (drum roll please)...
I also got $10 EB to use later!

At the bottom of my receipt it says: "Today you saved 36.52" A savings of 87%? I'll take it!

Here's how I did it:
I had a $4 EB and a $5 EB to use from previous purchases.

Transaction 1:
Clearasil Facewash $5.29 (I had a raincheck which made it $3.99)
-$2 MC from ? newspaper
=$1.99 (Got $3.99 EB back)

Gillette Fusion Razor $7.99 on sale
-$4 MC from 6/7 newspaper
=$3.99 (Got $4 EB back)

Used $5 EB from previous purchase

TOTAL: $1.47 with tax

Transaction 2:
8 Dove deodorant (reg. price 3.29) on sale 2/$5 = $20 before tax & coupons
-3 x $1.50/2 MC (2 printed from online, one from 6/7 newspaper - could have used up to 4 of these coupons and saved more, but I only had 3).
=$15.50 (Got $10 EB back) - buy $20 in Dove products, get $10 EB back

Used $4 EB from past deal, $4 EB from the Razor and $3.99 EB from the face wash

TOTAL: $4.06 w/ tax - with $10 EB to use later

I have found the best way to save money at CVS is to roll EB, so I only use my EB on other EB deals. I went into the store with $9 EB, and came out with all of the above items for $6.50, and $10 EB to use later. Essentially, I got a free razor, free face wash, and 8 deodorant sticks @ $0.69/each. NOT BAD!

EB normally expire about a month after you get them, so you'll want to keep rolling deals. If you don't see another EB deal you're interested in before they expire, just stock up on something else that is on sale and for which you have coupons. After the intial purchase (meaning you spend $4 and get $4 EB to use later), you can get a lot of items free by rolling EB. Just be sure you don't count the EB savings twice. I only count them into my total when I USE them, not when I get them.

**NOTE: You have to use the full amount of the EB on each receipt in one purchase, so you'll want your total before tax to equal or exceed the amount on your EB receipt. This is why I only used the $5 EB on the first transaction. (EXAMPLE: I had a $4 EB receipt and $5 EB receipt. I could use each of these separately since they are on separate receipts. If they were both on one $9 receipt, my total for a single transaction would have needed to equal or exceed $9 before taxes. Clear as mud?)

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