Saturday, May 2, 2009

Gettting started with the whole couponing thing?

I have been struggling to get started. My view of coupons has changed. I used to think it was too much of a hassle to cut and clip and keep track of and then use coupons, but when I SEE the savings, it is SO worth it.

Last Monday was my first official coupon clipping day.

I bought a Sunday paper at Family Dollar on 48th for, you guessed it, a dollar. I only clipped coupons of stuff that my family will use. I know there are many who clip EVERYTHING, remember I'm still learning....maybe I day.

Today was my first official coupon shopping day.

Walgreens (I have NEVER shopped at Walgreens I weird?):
I bought 26 items and the bill came out to $87.50 without coupons. WITH coupons it was $53.59! I saved $33.91! I know it's still a big bill but, I'm measuring progress, I USED COUPONS!!!! AND I'm still learning how to "use" coupons and shop to my monitary advantage. So, I'm sure I committed some couponing blunders...but you gotta start somewhere!

I don't know if this has already been posted on this site but I found a great little helper to get you started on the road to being, what calls a Stategic Shopper. It's only eight pages, well worth the read, and it is very helpful in how to "Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half." I'm going to get busy making a little Price Book! I'm glad they didn't suggest keeping all the prices stored in your head...I have a terrible memory.

Anyway! Get Saving!


  1. HA! Welcome to the cool world of couponing, Becky! Sounds like you got some awesome deals.

  2. Sweet work! We should go shopping together sometime and share sweet deals! I have always loved and used coupons, but now I'm getting back into couponing hardcore.

  3. I bought Stephanie Nelson's book when I first started using coupons seriously and it was a huge help. A lot of the tips are common sense but it's weird how it takes someone else to point out common sense ideas to me.

  4. I have my price book that I used the prices from the north Walmart as a start. I would gladly email you it. crsvitak at windstream dot net

    It is an excel spreadsheet.