Friday, May 15, 2009

Dollar General

I visited Dollar General yesterday for the first time since moving to Nebraska. They have some items there at regular price that equal sale prices elsewhere. The best part is, they accept manufacturer's coupons (at least at their 6800 P St. location). I didn't even know this store was there until about a week ago. If you are unfamiliar with the area, it is just east of Russ's Market and CVS. The easiest way to get there is if you are already at CVS or Russ's, just drive eastbound on the North side of CVS. Confused yet? Sorry. I'm horrible with directions.

Some of the deals I found with coupon matchups were (sorry, these coupons expire tomorrow - if you still have some, hurry!):

16 oz. Palmolive dish soap, $1, use $0.25* off coupon from newspaper (exp. 5/16), $0.75*
(If you prefer Palmolive Ultra, you can get 10 oz. for $1-$1.30 minus coupon, $0.75*-$1.05*).
Colgate toothbrushes $1, use $1 off coupon from newspaper (exp. 5/16), FREE

They also have inexpensive paper products and other cleaning products, but I didn't note the prices.

Check it out, and let me know if you find any great deals there!

*Corrected from earlier post. Please forgive the mistakes if you read this earlier. My husband is taking a 7 hour essay exam today to determine who gets to stay in his Master's program. We only slept 2 1/2 restless hours last night, and we've been up and about since 1:30 a.m. Seriously.

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  1. The dollar General is my fav shop for cheap stuff here in Indiana and yes they all take manQ but not sure about internet coupons.

    I usually get my trash bags there for 1.00. I get all my paper plates, cups and that for 1-2 bucks depending on what I need. I used to get cleaners before i made my own. Dish soap does go sale there and I got it last time for less then .50 a bottle.

    Happy shopping.