Thursday, April 2, 2009

Turkey Breast & Versatile Coupon

Honeysuckle Frozen Turkey Breast is on sale at SunMart for $0.99/lb. This is the best price I've seen for turkey breast in more than a year. If you have a large enough freezer, stock up!

I also found a sweet coupon here for $0.55 off any Our Family brand product (store brand at SunMart). I was able to use 6 coupons in one transaction. I don't think the coupon works if the item is less than $0.55 cents (such as the canned vegetables which are on sale there for $0.50 - not the best price). I was hoping to be able to get some of these for free, or even get money back, but it only worked with the first cashier who I think decided to override the system. I got 18 eggs for $1.00, and some dried beans.

The amazing thing about this coupon is that it is good through December - so I think I'll be using it every time there is a good sale on Our Family brand products through the end of the year. (I was able to print 8 coupons/page to save paper). Let me know if you find any amazing ways to use this coupon!

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  1. Oh man. I was so excited when I read this,I got up, and went into the other room to tell my husband. For some reason, he was not as excited. I may have been called a coupon geek. Whatever, this is cool.