Thursday, April 9, 2009

Super Saver Oreos Deal

Last night at dinner my husband and I debated this topic: Is stocking up on Oreos a good idea, or even possible?

I already put up a post about the Super Saver Oreo coupon here (page 2). Well it turns out that the Oreos are on sale as well for 2.67. With the store coupon you get them for $1.17 a pack. (If anyone can find a manufacturer's coupon please please please let me know. That would be so awesome.)

If there ever was a time to stock up on Oreos it is this week. Of course, it may not actually save you money, it may just make you eat more Oreos.


  1. FYI - I did all my shopping at SuperSaver last night. Did you know that they ad match?! I took my Russ' and Hyvee ads along. Often times the items I wanted at the other stores were on sale for 10 - 20 cents cheaper at SuperSaver. And if they weren't, I was able to get the sale price from the other stores anyway. I could still use my coupons. The only coupons they won't accept are the other store's coupons. But, hey, it beats going to three different stores if you can get everything you want and you are bound to save a few bucks.

    Alysson Bernards

  2. PS - I did get the oreos for $1.17 - Yum Yum!

  3. Mmmm. I want Oreos. If only I lived in Nebraska.