Sunday, April 26, 2009

Money Saving Idea...

Tonight we had pancakes for dinner. When I make them I usually make a double batch because my kids love them and I usually freeze the leftovers. I was about to pull the milk out of the refrigerater to pour in my 2 cups when a thought occurred to me. Why don't I try powdered milk? It would definitely be cheaper than 2 cups of the other stuff. So, I pulled down the box of powdered milk (which has been in my pantry for at least two years unopened and is going to expire in about 6 months) and mixed in two cups. The pancakes turned out great and no one knew the difference. So from now on I am going to start using powdered milk in my pancakes and other recipes that call for larger quantities of milk. I'm sure it is bound to save me a few bucks in the long run and hey, it is also non-fat so maybe it will save me a few pounds too.

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