Saturday, April 4, 2009

I make peace with Walgreens

Wow. There are some sweet deals going on at Walgreens this week. I am pretty excited to make big plans, clip so many coupons, and then have my little money saving heart smashed into pieces by a grumpy and mean spirited cashier determined to not let me get anything for free on principle.

Actually, that's not fair. I have been doing some research into the inner workings of Walgreens, and it seems that what it comes down to is the manager's personal policies. I always make sure my deals are legal, but the manager/cashiers at my closest Walgreens have different policies about coupons than other Walgreens in Lincoln seem to have. Last time I went I got a mini-lecture from a cashier about the true purpose of coupons which is apparently, to save a little money but not a lot of money. According to her, if you get something for free using coupons, it is stealing. And the manager was right there. I was so confused I wasn't even embarrassed. It kind of makes me laugh. Oh, thank you so much for explaining the true purpose of coupons to me....ha ha.

Using coupons illegally is wrong and frankly a little low class. I mean, if I was going to break the law, I would definitely not do it with coupons. Good grief. THAT'S embarrassing. If I lost my moral code and decided to steal, I would be much more high class and clever than using coupons! Probably I would use lasers or something...

Anyway, I emailed some other, more established, money saving bloggers about their experiences with Walgreens and they reported that Walgreens, unlike Walmart, doesn't seem to be consistent with their coupon policies. Their advice was to first always be very open with what you are doing, so they will know you are an honest couponer, and second, find a Walgreens that follows the basic Walgreens rules and stick to that one. One blogger reviewed the basic Walgreen rules here. You can find them other places as well.

My favorite Walgreens store is now the one on 70th and O. I've always found them to be professional and consistent. I will let you know how my shopping with them goes this week.

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