Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Free Food

I finally have something useful to contribute to this wonderful blog. I am giving away food from my cupboards because we are moving in one week and will be putting everything we own in storage. I don't think the food will hold up too well in storage.

Here is what I have. If you are interested, you can just stop by and look through the box I have with this stuff in it. I live at 6646 Vine Street. 465-4244

  • Several partial packages of dried pasta. (Whole wheat penne, white penne, elbow macaroni, and some fettucine)
  • About five pounds of white all purpose flour (bring your own container)
  • 3-5 pounds white granulated sugar (bring your own container)
  • Partial bags of light brown sugar and powdered sugar
  • 3 jars of cannery applesauce (canned in Salt Lake City-very delicious stuff. Babies love it. I might even have to keep one jar for Grace.)
  • 1 big can of powdered milk
  • Partial container of honey--about a pound.
  • Quick oats
  • Partial bag of flaked coconut
  • 2 boxes cranberry stuffing
  • Dried beans--black, pinto, navy.
I have some other stuff that I am considering giving away, but haven't decided yet. Olive oil, cocoa, etc. Stuff that is more expensive to replace. I'll see what happens with this stuff and maybe I'll throw in a free extra along with the free stuff.

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  1. Wish I lived close! Great site! I have 9 giveaways going on at my site if your interested!