Monday, March 9, 2009

Shout Out and Receipt Coupons

I just wanted to shout out as a "contributor" to this blog. The quotes are because I'm using the word loosely. Being new at the coupon/bargain hunting scene, I may not contribute too much but, when I find a good deal I can't wait to share it! So, here is a little one but a good one.

Check out the coupons on the back of the Super Saver receipts. This week we got a coupon for an Oil Change for $19.95! That's about how much it costs to buy your own filter and oil but then YOU still have to do the work! So, save yourself an oil stain on your shirt and use the coupon! (I actually got two, so if you need one let me know!)


  1. This is Becky F. and I believe the other Becky contibuting is Becky A. Sorry, I just realized she has contributed a lot, so I didn't want to confuse anyone! Anyway, happy hunting!

  2. Hey Anna,
    Can you add me as a contribtor? It was hard yesterday to sign up with Mason, my email it oh this is Amy Frasure
    I will contribute as long as a live in Lincoln:)