Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Heart Dollar Stores

I love dollar stores.It started as a crush as a kid, and now it is true love as an adult.

There are some things that I ONLY buy at dollar stores (unless there is an amazing deal somewhere else). This list changes depending on what dollar store I am living next to. This particular list is specific to the Family Dollar on 48th and O (next to Super Saver).

Sponges (8 for a dollar)

gift bags (some dollar stores only have weird ones, but Family Dollar actually has some really nice ones, and a better variety than Hyvee)

Holiday stuff (of course, watch out for the tacky...or embrace it. For Easter this year, instead of a chocolate bunny my husband may be getting a pair of chocolate praying hands :)

sandwich and ziplock bags

Hmm, I know there are more... What do you buy (or NOT buy) at the dollar store?

p.s. I used to buy toothpaste there, but now that I get coupons from the newspaper, I never spend more than 25 cents on toothpaste. Hooray for coupons!


  1. Hey, I LOVE the dollar store too! Thanks for the tips. I've also gotten dried spices there and they are pretty good. You can't beat a dollar!

  2. one thing I've noticed is that sometimes it's a rip off on candy because you can buy it cheaper at a regular grocery store. One time I got all excited that a king sized candy bar was $1 and so I bought and then later realized it was 75 cents at the grocery store.