Friday, March 20, 2009

Hyvee Deal on salad blends

So, this evening I took Soapy (my daughter) on a walk to Hyvee to mail an envelope. I decided to print off a coupon from and try out a tip from Chicks Dig Deals.

There is a 2 for $4 sale going on at Hyvee for Dole premium salad blends. I used the $1 off coupon here to get a Salad for $1.

Now, you can print off two of these coupons, but DON'T use them both in the same transaction. Here's why: When you buy just one you get a catalina coupon (this is one that prints off from the register) for $1 off two Dole Salad blends.

So in your next transaction, you use your internet coupon and your catalina to get 2 more salads for $2. So, a total of 3 salads for $3 instead of just 2 for $2!

Check out the other Smart Source coupons as well!

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