Monday, March 16, 2009

GE Energy saving light bulbs free at Target

I was looking at Money Saving Moms and found this sweet deal at Target. (She has some other nice deals listed as well.)

Energy Saving Light Bulbs are on sale for $1 at Target. Click here for $1 off coupons (you can print 2). This makes the light bulbs free!

I went to Target to get some and of course, they are all out. However, you can rain check them. This means they give you a paper to redeem for the product when they are in stock again, at the same sales price. They even have a little rain check form right by where the light bulbs should be. Just bring a pen to fill out the slip.

It took me a while to realize how cool the energy saving light bulbs are. About a month and a half ago I replaced all my normal light bulbs with these energy saving ones and my electricity bill went down by 1/3. I never thought I would be so delighted with my electricity bill.

(Wow, that last sentence sounded like a commercial.)

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