Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Embarrassment City: Trying to become a hardcore couponer at Walgreens

So, Walgreens is awesome in that they have a few deals where you get items for free through rebates or rewards coupons. I decided to try some of these out yesterday. I failed miserably and had a very awkward conversation with the cashier.

I went home, regrouped, reexamined my sale flyers and rebates booklet, called the manager to figure out their policy and resolved to try again today.

So, today I decided to buy these products

Axe shampoo: 5.99 (rebate 5.99)
Sambocol cold and flu medicine 12.99 (coupon here + coupon in their March rebate booklet for $10= I paid -$1)
Blink eye drops 7.99 ($8 reward dollars)

So, total charge for this trip was 14.86, however, after my rebates and rewards coupons I ended up paying only 88 cents (tax). This is pretty nice.

Still, it was just as embarrassing as the last trip (maybe more). Asking cashiers to work with coupon deals makes them more likely to make mistakes, which makes it more likely for the manager to have to be called to fix everything. Luckily, they were really nice at Walgreens. But it was still awkward.

Even with that embarrassment factor I am pretty excited to do it again. I feel like now I know what to look out for and since I've done it once it can only get easier. Also, I feel a little like the embarrassment built my character :)

Basically, I am a hero.

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