Friday, March 13, 2009

Embarrasment City...again

So I found three freebies online that I decided to try and redeem at the mall today. As the title suggests, things did not go smoothly. Here is what I tried to get:

A free bag from Victoria's secret

This went really well. No embarrassment here. They had a stack of bags at the register and they just rang me up. Very low key. No disgusted sighs or suspicious looks from the women at the register.

A free tank top from Aeropostale

Oh man. So embarrassing. First of all, I am way to old to be walking in to an Aeropostale store anyway. I think I was the tallest one in the store and I am only 5'4''. It was so full of teeny boppers. The deal is you bring in either a copy of 17 magazine or a printed copy 17 magazine's home page. It turns out I don't subscribe to 17 magazine (crazy eh?) so I brought in the printed home page. The child working the register at first didn't believe that I could use the home page print out. She looked it up and when she read that I could she decided that I still couldn't get the free tank top because the deal "was not printed on the home page." So, she decided not to give it to me because she disagreed with the printed rules. I don't mind that I didn't get the tank top--I am embarrassed because I had an argument with a teenager and I was right and still lost. Sigh.

Two free items from Bath and Body Works

This one wasn't embarrassing, just sad. The coupons should both work, however the Patricia Wexler line is NOT on sale. According to a very nice (non-teenage) sales woman, Patricia Wexler products never go on sale. I would have had to spend at least 6 dollars to get any product (on top of the coupon) so I didn't get anything.

So anyway, I left with high hopes and only returned with this bag. It's not a very cool bag, and I am not sure how I will ever use it, but it was my one triumph so you guys get a picture.

If you want to ever hear a REALLY embarrassing story ask me about what happened when I tried to do the Huggies diaper deal. I would write it out but I am still pretty sad. And diaperless. And the manager may not like me.


  1. Anna -- The Huggies deal at Walgreens definitely depends on who you get at the register. I went to the Walgreens on 48th and O and they would not honor the Huggies coupons. They said it had to be for the Gentle Care which only come in Newborn and sizes 1 adn 2, which of course my children are way beyond. So I went to the store on 70th and O. They accepted the coupons no problem. I tried to use the 10$ rewards and two $3 coupons to buy two more packs of diapers and it wouldn't accept all of the coupons because the 10$ reward was also classified as a Manufacturer's coupon. So I just used the reward and bought one more package of diapers. Overall I got the diapers for about$4.18 a pkg. Not bad. The manager there tried to help the coupons work but had no luck and apologized. They were at least nice. The one thing I've learned in bargain shopping, it to never let them see you sweat. And to always remember it is okay to leave your items at the counter and walk away. Anyway - I'm not sure what store you tried but, I went about 10PM to the 70th and O store. Let me know if you have any questions.

    Alysson Bernards

  2. I've definitely had my embarassing (and frustrating) coupon moments. I guess it's the price you have to pay once in a while for using coupons. But when you do get the good deal, it makes it all worth it!!

  3. Well, your bag looks cool from far away at least. Does it say weird things or something? Also, I am now a prefered parent on Gerber. Thanks for the heads up. I'll be printing off those cupons as soon as Nathan wakes up and comes out of the room where the printer is hooked up.