Saturday, March 7, 2009

$20 worth of free plants!

I am pretty excited about this one. Spring Hill Nursery is giving away $20 dollars worth of free plants. You still have to pay shipping, but still... that is pretty cool. Here's the site. The promotion is listed at the top of the page. Once you add an item to your shopping cart they automatically subtract twenty dollars. Thanks JANE4girls!


  1. Hi, Anna,

    Can I be a contributor to this blog? From time to time I come upon great deals and I'd love to be able to share...

    Kristen (Ridge)

  2. Awesome! Sure, just get me your email address tomorrow and I will send you an invite. I will be passing a sign-up around RS, YW and Primary, or you can just give it to me directly.

  3. This is a great site! I bought a Meyer Lemon Tree and pot and soil for $8. I've been looking at lemon trees on line for a little while, but they've all been $20 - $30 plus shipping, plus all the extras, so this is a great deal!